Personalized daily artwork in the palm of your hand.

Learning about art doesn't have to be time-consuming or high-commitment. With Alexandria, you only need two minutes a day to discover new works and develop your personal aesthetic.


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Our artistic tastes are constantly evolving. Alexandria helps you track the growth of your creative identity and continuously trains its algorithm to curate your personal gallery and expose you to new dimensions of art.


Rather than showing an endless scroll of images fighting for your attention, we focus on the quality of interaction with art. Alexandria displays one work of art per day, encouraging appreciation of the beauty of that piece. We make engaging with and appreciating fine art an easy and low-commitment part of your daily routine.


We believe that the interpretation of art is entirely individual, and that we should embrace diverse perspectives that may not always be captured by the art world. Anybody could be inspired to develop their creative identity with access to artwork specifically curated for them. While your personal gallery stays safely stored in the app, the places your creative inspiration and artistic flair can take you are limitless.